10-Day Salad Cleanse Program is now available, Today .

Jump-start Your Weight Loss! The 10-Day Salad Cleanse Program™ will boost your weight loss! You will choose from over 100 salads! A Day-by-Day Plan that will give you positive benefits of Weight Loss (up to 15 pounds), More Energy, Youthful Skin, Toxin Removal, and a Healthier Digestive System! You will absolutely love this program! Plus, for a limited time get FREE VACATION CERTIFICATES with your purchase so GET THE 10-DAY SALAD CLEANSE PROGRAM NOW! This is a PRINT BOOK. All print book orders usually ship within 2 days. Please allow normal transit time for delivery. A total of 7 to 14 days.

10-Day Salad Cleanse Program
SRP: $99.95
BISAC: Health & Fitness
10-Day Salad Cleanse

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